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We love pre-loved sofa's, armchairs and more!

We need it to have no large rips and be in good condition (we are happy to give it a clean) but more importantly it needs to have a fire label. (by law we cannot sell or re-use the item without it, due to fire safety)

For us to be able to accept your sofa donation you must have the fire label sewn in to the sofa. Usually this is on the bottom of your sofa under the cushions, or underneath the sofa entirely.

We will also ask you to provide photographs of the fire label when filling out the form below, it is really important to us. (For sofa suite donations, we will ask you to send a photograph of each individual fire safety label)

If you have a sofa you wish to donate to us, that is in a re-usable condition, please complete the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

fire label.jpg
Example of the fire safety label writing
Example of the tag that is on your furniture
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