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Buddy and Befriending Volunteer Charter

We now have over 500+ volunteers who have signed up to give their valuable time to the Buddying & Befriending Scheme to help others who are lonely or socially isolated.


We thought it would be a good idea to let you know what you can expect if you would like to volunteer with the Scheme

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The minimum time requirement is 30 mins per week over the phone, please remember as a volunteer your call may be the only contact the 'beneficiary' has each week. This is a commitment of your free time, if you do not feel you can make the time, please do not apply.

If you sign up please take time to read the documents we will send you before you make contact, this will give you an easy guide on what to expect, best practice guidelines and discussion topics. The calls you make are only for a chat but we still want to help make this as easy as possible for you.


We will give you a ring following your first ‘initial Telephone call’ with your 'beneficiary'. This will be to check that you are happy with your match and how the call went and to see that you are happy to carry on with befriending telephone calls each week.

We will also call you at 3, 6 and 12 months just to check everything is going well.


We are always here to help, please reach out to the team if you need any support or advice.


And finally, again please remember our volunteers call may be the only contact the 'beneficiary' has that week, if you arrange to call at a set time or date, please do so, our feedback tell us that your call will mean so much to them. Our beneficiaries use our service because they are already experiencing difficulties and not receiving your call will only lead to further feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

If you would still like to go ahead, then welcome, we really appreciate your support.


 The Buddy and Befriending team 

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